What is an inflatable slide?

Features: The inflatable slides have various and changeable styles ,which bring dynamic and strong taste pleasure ,excitement and also safety .It is deeply loved by the children .The specifications of the inflatable slides can be large or small .It owns distinguished features ,such as safe ,comfortable , convenient and fast characteristics. Wherever in the park , square ,or along the road of a block ,it just needs a space, with few dozen square meters ,to operate it .It just takes 10 minutes to inflate the slides and it can be operated at any time and any where!

Generally, with 100 shares PVC tarpaulin, it has strong tensile strength about 3478N, tear strength about 1572N, adhesion force about 188N/5cm.Above all, it can stand the temperature form the lowest coldness -30 Celsius degree from the highest +65 Celsius degree. In short, it has greatly enhanced its usage time.

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