What’s inflatable?

An inflatable is an object that can be inflated with a gas, usually with air, but hydrogen, helium and nitrogen are also used. One of several advantages of an inflatable is that it can be stored in a small space when not inflated, since inflatables depend on the presence of a gas to maintain their size and shape. Function fulfillment per mass used compared with non-inflatable strategies is a key advantage. Stadium cushions, impact guards, vehicle wheel inner tubes, and emergency air bags employ the inflatable principle. Inflation occurs through several strategies: pumps, ram-air, billowing, and suction.

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Typical examples of an inflatable include the inflatable boat, the balloon, the airship, furniture, kites, and numerous air-filled swimming pool toys. Air beams as as structural elements are finding increasing applications. Balloons are inflatables.

Smaller-scale inflatables (such as pool toys) generally consist of one or more “air chambers”, which are hollow enclosures bound by a soft and flexible airtight material (such as vinyl), which a gas can enter into or leave from through valves (usually one on each air chamber). The design dependence upon an enclosed pocket of gas leads to a need for a very durable surface material and/or ease of repair of tears and holes on the material, since a puncture or tear will result in the escape of the gas inside (a leak) and the deflation of the inflatable, which depends on the gas’s pressure to hold its form. Detectable leaks can be caused by holes (from punctures or tears) on the material, the separating of seams, the separating of valve parts, or an improperly shut or improperly closing valve. Even if an inflatable possesses no macroscopic leaks, the gas inside will usually diffuse out of the inflatable, albeit at a much slower rate, until equilibrium is reached with the pressure outside the inflatable.

Many inflatables are made of material that does not stretch upon inflation; a notable exception of this is the balloon, whose rubber stretches greatly when inflated.

The airship is usually inflated with helium as it is lighter than air and does not burn unlike hydrogen airships such as the Hindenburg.

Inflatables are also used for the construction of specific sports pitches, military quick-assembly tents, camping tent air beams, and noise makers. Inflatable aircraft including the Goodyear Inflatoplane have been used. Inflation by dynamic ram-air is providing wings for hang gliding and paragliding.

Inflatables came very much into the public eye as architectural and domestic object when synthetic materials became commonplace. Iconic structures like the US Pavillion at the 1970 Osaka Expo by Davis and Brody and Victor Lundy’s travelling pavillion for the Atomic Energy Commission popularized the idea that inflatables can be a way to build large structures with very extendend interior spans without pillars. These great hopes for inflatable structures would later be dashed by the many practical difficulties faced by inflatable buildings, such as climatization, safety, sensitivity to wind and fire proofing that, currently, restrict their use to very specific circumstances.

The DVD Ant Farm has directions for making your own inflatables, using plastic bags and an iron. The low technological barrier to building inflatables is further lowered by DIY instruction sets like the Inflatocookbook.

A patent was granted in Australia in 2001 for a “Manually portable and inflatable automobile” (Australian Patent Number 2001100029), however no known practical form of this type of inflatable has yet been commercialised.

Large scale low-pressure inflatables are often seen at festivals as decorations or inflatable games. These are made out of rip stop nylon and have a constant flow of air from a blower inflating them.

In some cases, an inflatable roof is added to an otherwise traditional structure: the biggest example in the world is currently the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia. Another example can be found in the Roman amphitheater of Nîmes.

Inflatables for entertainment
The original inflatable game was the Moonwalk (bounce house). Today there are a wide variety of inflatable games that come in all shapes and sizes. Many inflatable games put people in head to head competition with other people such as the bungee run and gladiator joust. There are also several inflatable obstacle courses available. Because of their large size, most obstacle courses consist of two or more inflatables connected together.
Inflatable Bouncer GB-185 GT-5 Caterpillar tunnel
There are also several variations on sports games which are made portable thanks to inflatables. A sports cage is an inflatable cage that holds up a backdrop that resembles a sport (e.g. baseball, American football, soccer, golf) in which you throw, toss, hit or kick a ball at a marked spot on the backdrop. The cage not only holds the backdrop but keeps balls from flying everywhere. Some sports cages come with a radar gun that will tell you the speed of your throw or kick.

why not try our inflatable game?

As we know, since Tomsen produced the first inflatable product to imitate “Mickey mouse and donald duck” cartoon movie for promotion. Inflatable game has become a hit and it has been an increasingly popular activity for the people all around the world, especially for kids.

With soft pvc material, inflatable game, unlike other playing ground, totally comes over hard material problem, which dangers kids. In the giant air filled castles, safe devices are designed everywhere to protect kids from danger. Even if they fall from not too steep hills when they climb up and down, it won’t be dangerous, because of the below soft inflatable green grass.

Versatile Inflatable Game

Inflatable games always be versatile to fit so many themes for the party or event. It provides amazing options for people to select, such as Spongebob in western themes, Spiderman in pirate themes, batman in beach themes, sumo sport theme and any birthday party theme you can imagine.

Now, welcome to various inflatable games and enter into a make-believe world.

In inflatable fantasy world, Children will be temporarily away from the real world into a colorful fairy tale kingdom.

Sleeping Beauty Castle will bring kids to start their fairy journey.The most beloved Disney characters are seen everywhere, from magical coffee cups, circling horse, to all the cute Disney characters such as Winny bear, Snow White, Mickey mouse and Donald duck..Spiderman moon bouncer will make kids act as spideman to play find-and-seek in the dream graden. Giant colourful pumpkin is mystrious for easter featival..Kids can enjoy playland in the Inflatable Tunnels, which like a lovely train. It is really an interesting idea to experience Eskimo Inflatable Tents. Suddenly it can become an arena for you to hold a vocal concert.

How fantastic to have an unforgettable holiday with numerous Inflatable Air Dancers, Christmas products,, Moving Cartoon, and Balloons.

Do you want to explore a primeval forests of Africa adventure?inflatable adventure world will assit you.

With unique style fruits and colourful flowers, Kits can participate in the inflatbale fun city to make a  river trip, and explore other thrilling rides such as  “King of the Jungle”, with bounce houses available in doggy shapes, lions, gorillas, and just about any shape you can dream up.

Besides, It is no longer need to go to playground for fierce but friendly physical competition. Inflatable Obstacles and Sports will be a good choice.Kids can climb walls, squeeze through tunnels and tubes, and rush down slides along side of a friend in an obstacle course race. What live performances !

Inflatable future world will be filled with science fiction and achieve the illusion of space shuttle.

New design of inflatable games will create the whole park into a space robot for exploring the connection  between the earth and  space.  Imagine shops and restaurants are robots and spaceships. You will find stars floating in the sky for decoration. Rocket Sildes will help kids into the space port and make them have a “Space Mountain” journey through time and space tunnel. Happily, they  also can travel back and forth in the cosmos by space flying saucer.

Above all, a lot of reaserches have proved that the use of inflatable games and activities could enrich a kid’s manual and mental abilities. And if they play with other peers at their age, their emotional quotient would drastically improve as well. But more than that, interactive inflatable toys are a lot more educational. These toys enrich the intellectual quotient and spatial abilities of kids as they try to solve simple puzzles and the shape tests embodied in each toy.

In short, inflatable game is a good choice for both parents and kids. As an loyal and knowledgeable playmate for children, it entertains everyone and even bridge the gap between parents and kids.

How maintenance the inflatable moonwalks

1. Inflatable moonwalks or Inflatable castles be afraid of breaking
When we wear the best clothes, we always are careful to avoid breaking the best material of the clothes. Through the same situation, during the usage of the inflatable castle, it should avoid the branch of the trees, the irony peg on the communication cables, and any sharp or rigid subjects.

2. be afraid of dragging
Don’t move the inflatable castles frequently. If it is dragged on the floor for a long time, it will have frazzle.

3. Stay away from fireworks
On the occasion of opening ceremonies, the fireworks are essential. It should stay away from the fireworks about 6 meters, when we use the inflatable castle.

4. If it is dirty, please use the wet cloth to clean it up!

5. The item will be prohibited for using. When in the heavy windy, snowy, rainy, fogy and hail weather, in order to avoid the accident.

6. If it is not used for a long term ,please fold the clean equipment ,bundle and pack it away .Generally ,it is appropriate for the temperature between -50 ~ +40 Celsius degrees in the storage place. The equipment should avoid the bite from the moth and worms.