Some interesting thing about jumping castles

News from the Santa Rosa Island:

An inflatable water slide will be built on the Santa Rosa Sound side of the beach. It’s 36-foot-tall, 175-foot-long, and will be inflated each morning and deflated every evening at 5:00. The purpose of this giant water slide is that they want to bring the family entertainment back to Pensacola Beach. There once had a water slide at Tiki before, but it was damaged and taken down. A water slide like this will be in operation at a sound front site starting in spring.

This good news reminds me of a funny video, the video is about a public huge city water slide.

I found this funny Barclays advert filmed in Sao Paulo, which shows one of their employee water commuting from office to home after work. The video is hilarious and I must say it is creatively edited. If you think you have a tough time commuting to your workplace, I bet this video will keep forever jealous.

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