Play Inflatable Toys Important Safety Tips

Some concerning the safe suggestion that plays inflatable toys.

• Follow the instructions for correct assembly and use of the inflatable jumping castle.

• Do not erect or use the inflatable in high winds.

• Ensure the inflatable is anchored down properly and securely.

• Make sure there are no protrusions or gaps in the structure that can trap clothing.

• Make sure the blower is at least 1.2 metres from the inflatable to prevent users from striking the blower unit.

• Ensure strict adult supervision when using the inflatable jumping castle always watch children closely when they are playing in and near the inflatable.

• Ensure users remove shoes, spectacles and sharp objects before entering the castle.

• Do not allow users to climb on to the walls.

• Limit numbers of children playing inside at any one time so that there is enough room to play safely.

• Do not deflate the equipment while children are playing inside or near the inflatable.

• Always deflate and store the equipment away in a safe place after use to prevent children from using the inflatable when adults are not there to supervise.

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