Material of inflatable water ball

Inflatable water ball. It adopts the environmental polymers material: TPU polyether, with distinguished characteristics, such as high anti-abrasive, anti-coldness, anti-oil, anti-water solution, and anti-aging and temperature capacities.

Inflatable water ball

The zipper of the water ball is the same professional zipper, which is used in the field of the aviation and deep-sea diving. It has high degree of security about air tightness and water tightness.

There are safe loops and the air holes for small oxygen equipment, which are used for the people to play for a long time at the beach or sea. Opening up the zipper and let people enter it, and then the outside working staff will use the air pump to inflate the water ball.

Please flap the ball and find it hard and full, Thus people can roll and play it in the water .It has not any pollution and will become the most beautiful scene in the water, which always motivate the curiosity of younger and children .people cannot enjoy such great excitement, leisure in other water games, except in this water ball game.

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