Inflatable water slide for sale

Inflatable water slide for sale

Inflatable water slide

C’mon! Your kids will adore you forever if you buy them one of these!

It’s an inflatable water slide, ideal for those summer afternoons when the children get bored too easily. And of course their friends are always welcome too.

The slide comes with an electric air blower and it apparently only takes a few minutes to set it up in the back garden and inflate it. The overpressure from the blower is claimed to be enough tomaintain rigidity, even if it gets damaged by small pinholes.

Water’s fed to the top via a garden hose. You can almost hear the screams of delight as the children wait impatiently in the back garden for the thing to inflate.

When the summer’s over, the thing can roll up and squeeze somewhere in the garage or loft.

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  1. can i have a price and minimum order quantities, also type of material made from, weight, dimensions and delivery times

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