inflatable boxing rings

Brainstorming ideas for a great children’s birthday party? Look into inflatable boxing rings and inflatable wrestling rings. Not only will the children love the thrill that boxing and wrestling have to offer, but the parents will as well.

Inflatable boxing rings and inflatable wrestling rings can be rented or purchased.

Primetime Interactive offers ring rentals equipped with a staff for only $495. If you’re not interested in the staff, the rings can be rented for a cheaper price of only $325. Rental includes four hours of play, giant inflatable boxing gloves, and setting up and taking down of all the equipment. This particular inflatable boxing ring is 16′ x 16′.

If your child is thrilled at the idea of an inflatable wrestling ring, why not purchase it? It will be the gift remembered for years to come.

Another popular party idea is inflatable sumo wrestling costumes. Available for rental of purchase in most areas, this item consist of a mat or ring and two giant outfits that transform the participants into sumo wrestling champs for the day. This is also an item that the parents will love too.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission argues that inflatable wrestling rings and inflatable boxing rings are dangerous. Inflatable injuries have increased from 1,300 in 1997 to 4,300 in 2003–an astonishing 300 percent increase in just six years. The renters of these products claim that it is due to inappropriate use, but in any case, safety precautions should be taken so all participants, child or adult, are not injured.

We lists some tips for everyone participating in an inflatable boxing ring event to remain safe.

* Use the inflatable equipment on nice weather days with little or no wind.
* Secure equipment to the ground.
* Do not allow older children to play with younger children. This often leads to injuries.
* Check into operator’s safety experience and record.
* Limit number of person’s participating at one time.
* Supervise children at ALL times.

With the appropriate supervision and equipment, an inflatable boxing ring or an inflatable wrestling ring can provide exciting entertainment for a child’s birthday party.

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