Inflatable Boat User Manual

When inflating, we kindly suggest you had better use a foot pump (it should be a high pressure air pumper).Please firstly inflate the air chamber with half of the whole pressure, then inflate it to the final work pressure!
(1)If one air chamber has been inflated with the work pressure, but the other air chamber has not been inflated, thus it will lead a great damage to the diaphragm between two chambers.

(2)The chamber can’t stand with high pressure. Because the inflatable boat always has been put under the sun shine, so the hot air will lead the strength of air pressure (1 ℃ can add 0.004 bar to the pressure). On the contrary, the lower temperature will lead less pressure.
Normal work pressure:
float: 0.25 bar
Keel: 0.35 bar

Automatic drainage valve
For all types of inflatable boats, except the leisure boat, there will be an automatic drainage valve at the bottom of the transom in each boat. When taking off the plug of the automatic drainage valve, the automatic drainage system can make inside boat water discharged automatically by drainage valve. However, the outside water can not follow into the inside boat! Therefore, when you drag the boat into the sea and are ready for sailing, please make sure to take off the plug of the automatic drainage valve! Above all, it is very important to clear the automatic drainage valve, in case of the block for dirt.

Dragging boat
For all types of inflatable boats, except the leisure boat, there will be 3 drag rings in each boat. When you are dragging, you had better tie up all the three drag rings together, which can make each ring stand with equal pressure. During the dragging, there should be no loading goods in the boat. When dragging during the bad weather, you had better use more drag ropes. The selection for strength of dragging rope can be decided by the type of boat and weather condition.

The low air pressure in the inflatable bag
Since this inflatable boat is made according to a specific standard, within the 24 hours, the volume of leaking air will not exceed the 20% of the whole air inside the boat. If the volume of leaking air exceed 20%, please do the following examinations:
1. Check all of air valve is tightly twisted.
2. Check all of air valves are clean
3. Check whether the hull is damaged
4. Check the connection gap between the hulls
5. put some soap bubble on the hull and examine the leaking position.
Where it has bubble, that place must be leaking.
Due to different temperature, it will lead the pressure to be higher or lower.

Leaking water in the boat
1. Check the automatic drainage valve is working well
2. Check the automatic drainage valve is clean
3. Check whether the hull is damaged
4. Take off the floor, make the boat even on the floor, and insert the water into the boat. If there is water in the ground, it shows this boat is leaking!

Repair method
If you find there is any place for leaking air or water, please clean this place. Then cut a circle from the raw material. The diameter of the circle is larger about 2.5cm than the leaking air or water place. After cleaning the surrounding of the leaking place and the circle, you could put the glue on the both two parts. When the glue is dry, please connect these two parts tightly. There should be no bubble between these two parts. You are allowed to use this boat, until the repair place has been dried for 24 hours.

Note: the repair should be done in a dry environment; the air humidity cannot be higher than 60%.


Due to the boat is made of 18oz PVC coated fire retardant tarpaulin, it doesn’t need much maintenance. When you need to fold the inflatable boat, you don’t even use the talcum powder. Additionally, when you find those stains, such as oil and tar, which are hard to deal with, you can use the thinner to get rid of them. Then please make it clean with soap and water. What’s more, you should clean the boat surface using water, if you have used a thinner,

Besides, the transom, wooden chair and floor are made from combined plates and coated with waterproof painting. Please always check whether the waterproof painting is damaged. If it is, please paint it again immediately, in case that the combined plates will be damaged by water. When you don’t use the inflatable boat, we kindly suggest you using the tarp to cover up the ship, which can prevent irradiation from the sun and adhesion from the dust.

Collection and storage about the inflatable boat

When you don’t want to use the boat for a long time, please pack the boat away.Using the water to clean the dirt and sand is the reasonable way. After the boat is dry, please pack them away. Taking off the air valve and making the air empty in the air bag, then you could take out the floor and aluminum alloy folder. Now, please fold the float hose towards the inside boat and make it the same wide as the transom. After folding the cone-shaped tube behind the transom, you could fold the boat from transom. Of course, you could tie up a rope on the outside of the inflatable boat, in order to save the volume. Finally, please put away the boat and accessories.

1. Whenever, all the passengers in the inflatable boat should carry life-saving vests.
2. Please notice the weather condition, in case of the safety of yourself and the waste of the fuel material.
3. Don’t forget the important documents, such as the sailing map and certificate.
4. Please carry the accessories of boat, such as repair kits, emergency box and foot pump.

In short, when you use the inflatable boat, it cannot exceed the max loading person, loading weight and horse power of motor.
During this hot summer, inflatable boat will bring you limitless fun. More information about inflatable boats please visit Top Inflatable Boat ( The Top Inflatable Boat Manufacturer form China. Enjoy it.

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