How to use Inflatable Water Ball the method and explained safely

This item is a new and popular item in the inflatable amusement products, which is designed well and has many safety protection abilities. So it can make sure the safety of the player. But the user should use it according to the instruction on usage method. Otherwise; the user will be responsible for the accident by himself or herself.

Installment about the inflatable water ball

1. Please establish a platform with a slope, which is useful for the ball to roll down or up easily. The quantity and size of the platform, is designed according to the quantity of the equipment. Please put a mat on the floor of the platform, in case of the braking damages to the body of the water ball.

2. The depth of the water should be 0.5 meter to 1 meter. If the water is deeper, please install a safe net under the water, which is 0.7 meters deep from the surface of water.  In each water ball, there are safe loops to tie up the safe ropes. During the playing, please tie up the safe ropes. The length of the rope is according to the depth of the water.

3. Since the zipper is the same zipper, which is used in the field of the aviation and deep sea diving, which has good air tightness and water tightness. Thus please coat the beeswax on the zipper at each time, when it will be used for play, to make sure the good closing and opening!

4. Before entering the water ball, the players should take off shoes, keys, mobile phone, hair pin and any rigid subjects. People, suffering from coronary disease, high blood pressure are not allowed for playing..

5 After the people entering the ball, please leave 18inch gap for oxygen in the zipper. Then please open up the air blower and inflate the ball until it is full. Don’t inflate it too full and break it up.

6. Please connect the coverage of the air blower to a ground wire and check it at a regular time. Additionally, please install a safety net protection at the air entrance of the air blower, in case of the accident.

7. Since the player will consume more oxygen in the water ball, which is 10 times than the normal air breathe. The volume of the ball is also limited, and the air is poor ventilation. So at each time, the best rent time is 10 minutes for playing. More than two people cannot allow playing in the ball simultaneously…

8. The item will be prohibited for using, when in the heavy windy, snowy, rainy, fogy and hail weather, in order to avoid the accident.


1. The material of this item is TPU environmental material. Generally, it will be aging after two years. Before the usage, please make sure it is safe for using.

2. We kindly suggest that the each renting time is 10minutes. More than two people cannot allow playing in the ball simultaneously. The maximum loading weight is 150 kg. During the playing, please    equip the safety ropes.

3. It will need the relative staff and boat, in case of the emergency.

4. The depth of the water cannot exceed 1 meter. if it exceeds, please install the safety net.

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