How maintenance the inflatable moonwalks

1. Inflatable moonwalks or Inflatable castles be afraid of breaking
When we wear the best clothes, we always are careful to avoid breaking the best material of the clothes. Through the same situation, during the usage of the inflatable castle, it should avoid the branch of the trees, the irony peg on the communication cables, and any sharp or rigid subjects.

2. be afraid of dragging
Don’t move the inflatable castles frequently. If it is dragged on the floor for a long time, it will have frazzle.

3. Stay away from fireworks
On the occasion of opening ceremonies, the fireworks are essential. It should stay away from the fireworks about 6 meters, when we use the inflatable castle.

4. If it is dirty, please use the wet cloth to clean it up!

5. The item will be prohibited for using. When in the heavy windy, snowy, rainy, fogy and hail weather, in order to avoid the accident.

6. If it is not used for a long term ,please fold the clean equipment ,bundle and pack it away .Generally ,it is appropriate for the temperature between -50 ~ +40 Celsius degrees in the storage place. The equipment should avoid the bite from the moth and worms.

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