Encourage the children to play inflatable outdoor games!

Recently, in the playground of amusement park and in the yard of the kindergarten,  there are many large type inflatable toys, such as, the inflatable balance beam, arch, slippery slide and climbing stair, shakable rooster and horse,  swing chairs, animal swing board and boats.

Since these inflatable toys has large places and many children will participate the game together,  thus this game can enhance the body strength and agility capacities of the children. Because this activity always require the coordination movement of all the body parts.  It can cultivate and develop the community concept and cooperation ability of children.

1: when walking the inflatable balance beam, the adult should protect the security of the children and encourage them to stand up and balance the hands towards the two sides.  After several practice times, it can improve the difficulty of this game, please out a book on the head of the child to walk on the beam!

2. For the inflatable Arch, several children can play the game called “train drive from the cave”. The back child can grasp the clothes of the front child one by one. They orderly make a queue and walk or run through the arch again and again. If possible, they can sing the song or the sounds of the train to run though the arch!

3. When walk up the slides, the adult should encourage the children and even support them. When slipping down the slides, please let the child sat on the top of the inflatable slides and put two hands on the sides of the slide. Then let them slip down slowly. The parent will do the protection activity under the slides to encourage them to play. If there are several children,  who will play the slide together. Please let them climb and slip the slide one by one,  in case of collision.

4 When playing the climbing wall, please ask the children to put the feet, hands on the cross-stick of the climbing wall and let them grasp the cross-stick tightly. The children can climb it from the bottom to the top. during the climbing, the parent can protect them under the climbing wall and encourage them. thus the children can finish the climbing with great confidence!

5. The inflatable swing chair and boat is suitable for waist movement. During the playing process, there are several children sitting on two sides of the boat and swing their up body towards front or back, which can make the inflatable boat swing! When one side of the boat is higher and the other side is lower, the children can change the direction of strength to swing the boat constantly! The parent can teach the children to sit in the boat orderly. Once the boat is swung, the child can not allowed to stand up, in case of the falling.  The children, sitting on each side, should swing in the same direction, which can make the boat swing in balance!

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